Our Approach


Good design is experiential.

Experiential design is the art of living well, using superior design skills to create spaces that are unique, imaginative, intimate, visual, sensual, and functional.

At Collins Group Design, we believe our dedication to Evidence Based Design gives us a distinct advantage over the competition. Evidence Based Design is design founded upon the physical, emotional and sensual human needs for living in balance in ones home. 

Every design project we undertake at Collins Group Design is guided by the principles of Evidence Based Design.


Our homes are where we feel our most relaxed and where we experience our most intimate moments. At Collins Group Design, we know good design helps us tap into our deepest truths, desires, and needs. Our designers are skilled in gaining insight into what motivates and inspires our clients and their families to live fully, to live in harmony, and to thrive.


Individuality and personal self-expression define who we are exclusively, especially in our homes. Our designers liberate our clients’ true selves from compliance with the ‘style police’, and embolden them to trust their own judgment, knowing they will be expertly guided every step of the way.


As the design process evolves from its most intimate organic roots, through an inspired merger of form, function and exclusive style – our clients realize design is not a destination, but rather, a dynamic journey of discovery. We never get tired of hearing “Collins Group Design gave me my beautiful home, and it’s completely my style!”


Equal parts listening, knowledge, and experience - sprinkled liberally with creative alchemy, with just a pinch of spiritual awakening for flavor - results in a big-bang moment for our clients. We just love to hear our clients exclaim: “I never would have thought of that!”


Our clients know they can rely on us to select high quality décor. We strive to help our clients express their exclusive tastes with the finest elements of design and décor. However, what’s not in a design is just as important as what is. At Collins Group Design, we celebrate this.



Time is the ultimate luxury. We provide painstaking attention to detail, extraordinary customer service, and outstanding project management to each and every client, allowing them to spend more time with themselves, their loved ones, and particpate in their favorite activities.


Surpassing the ordinary, overcoming convention, customizing beyond limits, and creating truly bespoke design is the goal of every single project at Collins Group Design. Your home = your paradise.


From the runway to the home, it’s all about personal style. We help our clients ‘dress’ their home in a way that reflects their enduring style and totally unique point of view.


At Collins Group Design we love to reconcile the past with the passion of the future. We take to heart the philosophy that appreciation of the contemporary is always enriched by an understanding of the past. We love to liberate client stories from orthodoxy, while respectfully making homage to history, tradition and taste.

Color and Light: 

If music is the food of the gods, then color and light are the food of designers! The power, mood, symbolism, and emotional response to color and light inspire our designs. 


Good design is a sensual experience. The sound of the rain on the roof, how the floors feel to bare feet, custom lighting instead of fixtures, interior fountains, technology that lives, fire at the hearth, color you can almost taste – these are the elements of design that touch and embrace the human spirit.


Harmony integrates unexpected styles. We love to create designs that surprise and delight, using proportion and scale to juxtapose unconventional and surprising elements of design into elegant compositions.